Why I like Orange

I often get asked  why it is that I love orange so much. When I am asked, I generally offer one of a couple responses, but decided that it would be fun to write a blog about why I enjoy the color orange so much. I have always liked the color orange. It is vibrant, fun, easy to notice and not as celebrated as many of the other main colors. I grew up near Syracuse, […]

Leading Change Seminar

Change is difficult. Change is a necessarily reality, especially as we seek to help our organizations fulfill thier purpose. Leading change is both a blessing and a challenge. In this seminar we will explore the nature of leading change and leading through change. We will look at various aspects, challenges and joys that come with change in any setting. We will also address some practical tips and tools for leading through change in the healthiest […]

Generational Understanding Seminars

We are offering one of our most popular seminars in an online format for the first time, Generational Understanding! Generational Understanding Seminars There is a great divide between generations in many ways. We will explore the nature of generational differences, examine each of the generations in the world today and consider how to best understand and work with one another for the greater good. A great event for all, especially those who lead and manage […]

Check on Your Pastors: Reflections on the Mental Health of Ministry Staff

My name is Marcus Carlson and I am a pastor. For more than two decades I have served in a variety of church and other ministry settings in intern, interim, part and full time capacities. At the end of 2019, I left full-time church ministry work. I felt God calling me to use my gifts in a broader way, to build and revitalize the church and to train, support and care for pastors and ministry […]

Why we Need to Check in on Each Other and Other Important Thoughts on Transition, Grief, Change and More

April 15, 2020. I type these words in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, a season that is in many ways unprecedented. It is a time of great uncertainty, fear, change, grief and so much more. It is in many ways unfamiliar territory as communities, schools, businesses and entire countries are shutting down. People are facing economic and physical hardship, loss of jobs, loss of life and much more.  Why we Need to Check in […]

Thoughts on Feelings: Pain, Suffering, Lament, Fear and Grief

As I have been thinking and reflecting, particularly during long walks listening to podcasts, music as well as embracing silence, I thought it might be valuable to share some of my reflections on five particular feelings: pain, suffering, lament, fear and grief. For each I want to share a working, but perhaps limited definition. I also want to share some additional thoughts along with the opposite of each feeling and the antidote or vaccine if […]

Thoughts on Sabbath

February 2, 2012 is a day I will never forget, a day that changed my life and ministry forever. The message shared that day on sabbath dramatically impacted my life, my relationship with Jesus, my family and my ministry forever. I was a classic workaholic pastor. I took time off and relaxed, but I never shut down. I was always connected and constantly available. I blatantly ignored the sabbath command. I was too important; the […]

Church Worship as an Idol?

These are strange times we find ourselves in. Covid-19 has changed our way of life, especially as it relates to the church and worship.  I left my full time pastor position at the end of 2019 for the health of my family. When I did so I knew there would be things that I would miss and others that I would not. I also knew that it would be important to find a new church […]

Oz Leadership

A repost of an article I wrote several years ago for the Fuller Dmin Burner Blog… The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I see its reemergence as something worth noting. Recently I found myself reflecting on three of the characters from the original movie and realized each has something to teach us about leadership. While the scarecrow without the brain, the tin man without the heart and […]

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