Services & Seminars Offered

Leadership Development

We offer a variety of services in the area of leadership development. We can help you develop better systems for paid and volunteer leadership, give you tools to be more effective. We offer training retreats, seminars and events for both staff and volunteer leadership. We also offer tools and troubleshooting suggestions for leadership teams. We also help leaders develop professional and spiritual practices to aid in their growth and development. We have worked with businesses, non-profits, churches, preschools and more. Our leadership Development services can be help leaders and teams:

  • To troubleshoot problems or issues with leaders, teams or organizations.
  • To assist in professional, personal and spiritual development of leaders.
  • To Assistant in setting up leadership systems and structures.
  • To provide leadership training/team building retreats, seminars and/or events.
  • To offer professional development for leaders.
  • Team building for leadership teams.
  • Conflict resolution for teams and organizations.
  • Personality and gift assessments for individuals and teams.
  • Seminars for youth & children’s ministry volunteers & staff.
  • To provide spiritual development, mentoring, formation, and direction for leaders or teams.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to businesses, non-profits, preschools, schools and churches of all sizes, We specialize in working with small and medium sized churches and organizations as well as preschools . We also offer consulting for programs within a church such as youth ministry. Our consulting services are aimed to help churches and organizations troubleshoot as well as dream so that they can live out their full calling. We do not approach our consulting with a particular model in mind, rather we take the time to listen and observe to be a fresh set of eyes and ears for to best serve the church or organization. We also offer consulting services for specific programs or departments within the church such as adult ministries, youth ministry, children’s ministries etc. Every consulting contract is tailored to needs of the church or organization for maximum helpfulness and effectiveness while keeping cost at a minimum. Our consulting services can be used by churches:

  • To troubleshoot problems or issues.
  • Assist in hiring pastors and staff, specializing in youth minister searches.
  • To evaluate current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  • To help plan, vision and dream for the future.
  • To analyze your congregation and/or community.
  • To develop strategies, systems, and structures.
  • To address issues around conflict.
  • To help churches and organizations recovering from past betrayal or misconduct.
  • To provide assistance in identifying staff needs and hiring staff.
  • To address other issues and needs within the church or program as needed.


We also offer a variety of seminars for churches and other organizations.  The seminars we offer are:

  • Leading Change
  • Trends in Adolescent Development
  • Understanding Teenagers/Adolescents/Young Adults
  • Understanding & Working with Millennials
  • Leading Change
  • Self-Care of Leaders
  • Leadership Principles
  • Understanding Staff Dynamics
  • Personality & Gift Seminars (includes inventories)
  • Changing Family Dynamics: Working with Parents & Families in Today’s Culture
  • Emerging Adult Development & Culture
  • Generational Understanding
  • Working with Middle school youth
  • Working with high school youth
  • Understanding & Managing adolescent behavior
  • Positive Discipline & Growth Mindset
  • Children, Youth & Family Ministry
  • Re-Thinking Confirmation
  • Youth Ministry 101
  • Children’s Ministry 101
  • Leadership in the church
  • Building community partnerships & collaboration
  • Discipleship
  • Developing Core Values, Mission & Vision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Defining and developing and organizational culture
  • Organizational Health
  • The False Gospel of Guilt and Shame
  • Healing after Misconduct or Betrayal
  • Others

Each of these seminars can be offered in a half, one or two day format. Please contact us to find out more about about these seminars or about bringing one or more of these seminars to your church or community.

*These seminars can be offered in a variety of combinations for churches and other groups.

Pastoral Services

We also offer a variety of pastoral services that include:

  • Spiritual Direction
  • Interim Pastoral Ministry
  • Preaching, Speaking and Teaching
  • Weddings, Funerals/Memorial Services and other Ceremonies & Special Events
  • Counseling (general, issue based, pre-marital, marriage, parenting & family)
  • Other pastoral needs

Other Services

We also offer a variety of other services that include: spiritual retreats, training, seminars, speaking for events or programs, spiritual formation and direction and much more.  The other services we offer are: Spiritual retreats for groups of adults and/or youth.

  • Leadership training events for adults and/or youth.
  • Speaking at retreats, seminars, and events for adults, children, youth or families.
  • Spiritual direction for individuals or groups.
  • Ideas and tools for programs and ministries.
  • Staff Development & Team Building
  • Contact us with questions or for more information.