My Main Gig

Everyone should have at least on main gig and a side hustle. That is, everyone should consider multiple streams of income and having at least one main job and at least one side job. Not only does this help with income, but it allows you to learn and grow as you work in different capacities. You learn much when you use your gifts, skills, education and schedule for the common good. It is also important […]

Spiritual Travel

One of the aspects of my personal ministry is leading spiritual travel. Spiritual Travel is travel with the purpose of deepening your faith. It is a more than Christian travel or travel to Christian places. Spiritual travel combines the historic, cultural and spiritual into one trip. Leading these trips and watching people learn, relax and be transformed is a great gift. My hope and prayer is that each day, every traveler on one of my […]

Israel 2022

Our 2021 Israel trip is getting ready to leave, but we are gearing up for our 2022 trip! Click here to learn more! The trip is November 7-16, 2022. There are three optional extensions for an additional cost. Marcus will be leading/participating in the Cairo and the Route of the Exodus extension, November 16-22.


I am always looking to share resources for pastors, churches and any leader who considers themselves a follower of Jesus. One of the ways I share those resources is through the blog for the ministry I lead, Preparing for Amazement Ministries. Here you can find information on habits of healthy churches, habits of healthy leaders, interim ministry, leader self-care and more. Visit the blog to learn more!

Footsteps of Paul in Greece & Turkey 2022

Join me for an amazing journey in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Greece and Turkey. Experience the New Testament come to life along with amazing architecture, history and natural beauty. Optional extension: Greek Isles cruise to include Ephesus and Santorini! Greece & Turkey: June 15-24, 2022 Greek Isles Extension: June 24-27, 2022 Trip pricing is from Chicago, however you can request to fly from almost any major airport in the United States or […]

Ashes to Ashes

Seventeen years ago today, on Ash Wednesday, a movie about the death of Jesus came out, The Passion of the Christ. At the time I was serving a church in Lafayette, IN. The best church I have ever served and one of the best staff teams I have ever worked with. We went, as a staff (with some spouses and church members) to see the movie after the Ash Wednesday service. As we were standing […]

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