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I am the proud author of three books. Writing is not at all my gift, nor is it something that brings me a lot of joy. Yet, it has been an important outlet and calling for me. I write because I want to be helpful. I want to take what I have learned and and experienced and share it in a way that benefits others.

The three biggest challenges for me in writing a book are the energy it takes, a lack of money to invest, and my propensity for typos. There is nothing I can do about the first, I just have to push through. The second is unfortunate but may not last forever. The big impact is not being able to market it or pay professional editors. The third has been helped by being married to an English teacher and having others who will look at stuff for free. That still has not prevented some typos from making it in the book.

I would love to have you check out each of my books if they are relevant to you in any way!


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